Vastu Shastra and Town planning and religious buildings.

Vastu Shastra and Town planning and religious buildings. If we look at old and ancient temples all the carvings and ornamental decoration was limited to our Temples. This temple architecture of stone and carvings has survived for many centuries.Apart from this a town planning always consisted of different shalas which also were very systematically planned with a code of their own and had a very pleasing look. These Shalas were varied in nature according to their use like Nrityashala, goshala, yagnashala, dhanashala, dharamshala, paathshala, bhaktishala and their variations. Now the question is could we really have these vast numbers of designs and convert them into actual buildings.Vastu is an ancient science and an art of architecture and there is no doubt our ancestors were not only well versed in these sciences but also they built astonishing and amazing temples with perfect town planning and shalas too avoiding wrong orientation they worked on practical and systematic approach. They followed all the rules of sleeping, eating, drinking, bathing, running a business etc.This all then became faith and incorporated in everyday life rather than a belief system. Not only great importance was given to architecture and its rules but equal importance was given to quality of materials of construction. The timing of each and every level of construction was also taken into consideration like building a water body, the main door, etc. even wood was bought on an auspicious day at auspicious time. A mason formed an integral part in this whole construction. He would be required to have at least 20 good qualities. The home construction was then done keeping in mind the main things required like kitchen, well, main door, roof, playing area, water drainage verandah etc. Samrangan Sutradhar then also describes the four types of columns 2 octagonal one 16 sided and one oval. 16 sided corresponds to Kubera the Deity in the North and the lord there is Vishnuji. ( Lord Krishna avatar of Lord Vishnu Ji was master in 16 kala or divine arts.)Everything in Vastu rules perfectly fits the form. Each rule was meticulously thought out and incorporated. Vishwakarma the greatest of Architects and vastushastri thus devised many great palaces (Lanka, Indraprasth Dwarka, Sudarshan chakra etc. and vahana and also weapons used by both Gods and Demons.

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