Shikha Makhija is a practising

Shikha Makhija is a practising astrologer and a teacher of astrology. I have had a session with her. Her deep knowledge of Nadi astrology becomes evident when she reads and analyses natal charts. She is adept at analysing not only a person’s true nature but also the course of events in their lives. I have […]

Took a full chart reading.

Took a full chart reading. the session lasted for more than an hour. All the questions were patiently taken up explaining each one with the planetary positions. I advise all to go in for this reading if you want an overall view and guidance about next 4 to 5 years completely in every walk of […]


Namaste Shikhaji,
It’s Romy. I’m sharing this link with you, in which you can find the recording of today’s lesson and some charts sorted by subjects. Thank you so much for the great knowledge and energies you’ve been sharing with us, see you tomorrow!