Vimsamsa chart - D20


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🌈 Will I achieve moksh and Spiritual growth?
🔱 members usually asked about MOKSH and spirituality – it’s a big topic and everyone has different views about it and as there is not much information available.
💥 MOKSH word itself have evolved from sanskrit language word
👉MOHA – Enchantment, attachment, delusions
👉AKSH – Dissolved or let go
🔥State of mind which Word MOKSH stands for itself speaks loudly to let go all enchantment, attraction, affection, delusion etc. Realisation towards God by spiritual practices is our final goal of Human life and last of Dharma Arth Kaam MOKSH.
🔺 Vimsamsa chart aka D20 is a chart of spirituality, it shows inclination, growth by spiritual practices, Guru Shishya parampara and related activities.