Vastu Level 2 (Vastu Visharad)


  • INR: ₹ 11,000

Course Structure:-

  • Vastugraphy:- This is a very old method found in ancient texts to determind whether the city/town etc. the native is residing in is suitable for the native or not
  • Auspicious and inauspicious dimensions:- Various mathematical formulas are given to calculate the auspicious and inauspicious dimensions in Vastu which can be used in almost everything
  • Muhurata for vastu:- This is an important part for vastu. Utmost care should be taken as to which day, which Nakshatra, Yog, Karan and Hora Vastu can be done
  • First digging:- Utmost care is taken as to from where to begin construction
  • Remedies:- Some special remedies
  • Different Patras:- Alternatives for remedies taught previously (in vastu level one). Their making and their importance
  • Central Remedies
  • Some Do’s and Don’ts:- Important diktats in vastu
  • Commercial Vastu:- Commercial vastu of two different establishments with external and internal vastu
  • Special ritual for progress and happiness

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Recordings available with personal 1 class of Zoom link one to one basis to clear the doubts after going through the recordings.