Vastu for Schools


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Vastu for Schools

A school is the modern day Gurukul. In the olden days the Gurukul was located in open spaces, under the sky and away from noise with all the Panchmahabootas in the surroundings. The Ether tatva was very good connecting the other elements to create a conducive environment for imbibing knowledge. Location of school, Location of school building, Location of prayer room, Location of playground is to be taken care of when planning a school.

  • Leaving more open spaces in North, North-East and East will bring in two most positive energies(JAIVIK and PRANIK)
  • Children facing the right direction while learning will add to their doing academically well
  • Beams/Columns should be well planned so that neither children nor teachers are seated under them
  • Proper ventilation is a must
  • Pantry kitchens should be located in the South-East
  • Staff rooms should be located in the North-West
  • Administration departments should be located in the South-West
  • Escalators and staircases located in the correct zone will bring connectivity
  • Similarly air conditioners, generators, septic tanks, water bodies each have to be correctly planned

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