Vastu for Malls


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Vastu for Malls

Malls have become the need of the hour today. A mall has various outlets. It should be a square or rectangle in shape with proper dimensions. If planned properly it can bring in roaring business. Open spaces, Landscape gardening, Fountains can be planned in the North and North-East region.

  • Proper lighting in the central portion with domes bring in lots of positive energy
  • Toilets should be located in the North-West
  • Kitchens should be located in the South-East
  • Slopes of theaters in multiplexes towards North or East so that the screens are also on the North and East walls
  • Administration departments should be located in the South-West
  • Escalators and staircases located in the correct zone will bring connectivity
  • Similarly air conditioners, generators, septic tanks, water bodies each have to be correctly planned

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