Vastu for Homes


  • INR: ₹ 10,000

Home is a place which is dear to all. It is a place where our family is able to grow roots and the children get their training wings. A place which everyone feels comfortable being in and a place to let your hair loose and be yourself with people who love and respect you. A place of safety, security, unity.

An architect constructs spaces to live in but Vastu Shastra helps in converting those voids into energy rich spaces by streaming of two energies(JAIVIK and PRANIK) to make the environment healthy and conducive for prosperity growth and overall happiness.

We also provide consultations for the following:-

  • Premises should be parellel
  • East and North should not be blocked
  • Toilets and washrooms should be in proper direction
  • Kitchen in South-East is good

And many more points are to be taken into consideration

Rs. 10,000/- / $ 200 (per 1000 SQ feet) plus conveyance expenses for primary personal visit to the site (in Mumbai). After visiting the site and graphing the premises, a report will be given mentioning the faults with suggestion of remedies. After that a second visit can be availed for carrying out the remedies, fees for which can be obtained on our contact numbers provided.