Vastu Alankar(Level 1)


  • INR: ₹ 10,000

Course of 10 lectures

Course Structure:-

  • Introduction and related classics
  • Surrounding environment and their effects
  • 1st Pillar 8 directions
  • 2nd Pillar Element use in vastu
  • Urja the different energies and their uses and effects. Theory of counts. Theory of axis
  • Land testing
  • How to fix North in graph paper coinciding with geographic north
  • Vedh
  • Main door pada
  • Shala
  • Vastu inside the premises
  • Vastu mandala
  • Decorations and zonal divisions
  • Vastu Doshas
  • Remedial measures

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Recordings available with personal 1 class of Zoom link one to one basis to clear the doubts after going through the recordings.