Remedial Measures


  • INR: ₹ 4,000

Speaker:Sir William Lawernce

language: English

Fees: Rs.4000/51 USD

Duration: 6 hours

First Day Contents

1.Dhatu Moola Jeeva Rasi’s and Remedies

2.Elemental Signs and Remedies

3.Bhavas and Remedies
4.Planets and Remedies
5.Ishta Devatha/Parigara Devatha and Remedies
6.General rules to identify the Ishta Devatha:
7.Planetary Conjunctions and Devatha Scheme:
8.Planets Adhidevata and Prathadhidevata: (As per Bodayana Maharishi)
9.Badakhshan and various doshas and Saap
10.Doshas Saap or curses and Remedial Measures.
11. Ashtavarga and Remedies
12. D12 Dwadashamsa Devatas and Remedies
13.D16 Shodasamsa Devatas and Remedies
14.D24 Sidhamsa Devatas and Remedies
15.D27 Nakshatramsa Devatas as Remedy
16.D30 Trimshamsa Devatas and Remedies
17.D20 Vimsamsa Devatas as Remedies
19.Lamp Remedy
20.Medicinal Bath
21.Donations related to planets
22.Wearing of Roots
23. Tree and Shrubs of Nakshatras
2nd Day Content:
24.Astro Vastu Remedies
25.Gem stone as Remedial Measures
26. Colour Therapy:
27. Mantras and planetary remedy:
28. Bach flower remedies:
29. Numerology and remedial measures:
32.Lal Kitab and Remedies
33.Activation of Planets and houses:
34. Kalatra Dosha Temples
35. Putradosha Temples
36. Pitrudosha Temples:
37. Rahu Ketu Temples (Sarpa Dosha )
38. Ayur Dosha /Longevity problems and Temples:
39.Navagraha Dosha and Temple.