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🕉We present another gem of webinar with our favorite Astrologer SHRI William Lawrence sir 🚩A name is a Mantra, a virtual Beeja which vibrates has frequency energy and power. The right name can be protective, nourishing and progressive for the child. 👉 A wrongly resonating Name can be very challenging and sometimes destructive to the new born child. 🌠Its extremely important to choose a harmonious auspicious and beneficial name to facilitate the health intelligence talents longevity and happiness of the New born child 🔥The methods to name a new born child is also applicable for Offices brand names or even to see compatibility between husband wife, Parents and Child or Boss and worker etc. ✍️There are many methods for naming a child. Namkarana webinar will teach the most effective and suitable Vedic and Modern numerological techniques to find the most beneficially resonating name.

  • Hoda Chakra: (Nakshatras and Nama Karana)
  • Akacatatapayadi Varga (Plantery Akshara)
  • Swara Varga (Vowels and Nama Karana)
  • Swara Bedha
  • Panchaswara Dasha (Namakshara and Longevity)
  • Katapayadi Sankya
  • Mantras and Vedic numerology
  • Remedial Measures and Numerology
  • Pancha Pakshi and Nama Karana
  • English letters and Numerology
  • Muhurta and Numerology
  • Matching and Numerology
  • Astrology and Numerology
  • Divisional charts and Numerology
  • Ishta Devata and Names


Time: 11:00 to 15:00

language: English

Medium: Zoom

Fees: Rs.3000/49 USD

Contact: 9821303132