Nadi Level 1


  • INR: ₹ 10,000

This system is based on planetary Karaktatvas and their placements without using Dasha or divisional charts. Most of the time it’s without ascendant or moon too.

Course Structure:-

  • Understanding Karaktatwas: In Brighu Nandi, Nadi Karaktatwa plays a key role. It is through this that predictions of any relative of the person can be done.
  • Planets and its causative effect.The planetary effects at a particular time
  • Aspects: Various ways planets aspect each other.
  • Friendly and inimical aspects: The interplay of friendship and enmity between planets.
  • Zodiac signs: The 12 zodiac signs with their general characteristics and the effect if any planet placed in them.
  • Exaltation of planets: Background and reason of exaltation. The reason why even if the planet is exalted it does not give exaltation effects.
  • Debilitation of planets: Background and reason. The reason why even if the planet is debilitated it does not give debilitation effects
  • Yogs and combinations: This system is based on various combinations of planets. the combinations of two planets, three planets etc.
  • Retrogression: How a retro planet is used in Nadi. what are the effects of this retrograde planet.
  • Insights on how to time events: By progression of each planet.
  • Bhagyodyay and locked bhagya chakra

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Recordings available with personal 1 class of Zoom link one to one basis to clear the doubts after going through the recordings.