Muhurata Reading


  • INR: ₹ 2,000

Muhurata Reading

Using a good Muhurata (auspicious time) for new beginnings in life is essential for successful completion of the tasks commenced with the alignment of the divine energies with respect to particular charts. Vedic Astrology provides such muhuratas using Tithis, Varas, Nakshatras, etc. in short, the Panchanga, for giving suitable Muhurata for each and every event in our life.


Some of the events for which Muhurata is provided are as below:-

  • Laying of foundation
  • House warming(Grihapravesh)
  • Naming ceremony
  • First time hair removal ceremony(mundan ceremony)
  • First time solid food intake of the child
  • Thread ceremony
  • Marriage date
  • Purchase of a new house
  • Starting of a new business / profession

Muhurata will be provided by email within 7 days.

After payments the birth details (Name, Gender, Birth date, Birth time, Place of birth) and all the related queries are to be emailed at

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