Education Report


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Education Report

Education is the most important area of life on which the future course of our action depends.
It forms the very basis of our life. Depending on the planetary position the child can do wonders if the correct field is chosen. Correct guidance at the right time can save a lot of time and unnecessary stress.


Usual Queries about Education can be:-

  • Which stream should I choose?
  • Would I clear the competitive examination?
  • Would I get the scholarship?
  • Would I get a chance for foreign education?
  • Why I have continuous failures despite studying hard?
  • How would I do in this particular exam?
  • and lots of other queries can be taken up.

Online consultation.

Time :30 mins
Medium : zoom/Phone call

After payments the birth details (Name, Gender, Birth date, Birth time, Place of birth) and all the related queries are to be emailed at

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