Career Consultation


  • INR: ₹ 3,500

A major concern in life is that of “Career”

Many a times people are not into the career of their choice, and therefore are dis-satisfied with their present line of profession and/or searching for new opportunities.

Every chart indicates the nature of work a native must undertake for maximum utilization of his time and efforts with the goal of gaining maximum gains. Knowledge of what the concerned planets and their result giving periods (dashas) favour, and working on that path can assure a success of a kind.


This consultation will involve:-

  • The field of work you need to be in
  • Business or job
  • Partnerships – beneficial or not
  • Good periods for taking maximum benefit from, and challenging periods you need to take care of
  • Timing of change of job
  • Place which will be fruitful
  • Obstructions in your career graph

Online consultation or in Person at office in Mumbai will be provided.

Time :30 mins
Medium : zoom

After payments the birth details (Name, Gender, Birth date, Birth time, Place of birth) and all the related queries are to be emailed at

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Dinesh Yadav