Numerology Consultations

What is Numerology

An Ancient and divine science. Numbers are encoded in our life,when decoded they give you a broad picture of your blueprint,and what lies ahead of you.
Numerology has a different bearing on your life, it gives an insight to learn about the opportunities and challenges that come your way and your reactions to it.
It is a gadget to understand self.

How does it really Help
This is not predictive science but one that empowers you.
Tells you your strengths, apptitudes, attitude, and weakness.
Potrays your odds and challenges.
Explains the natures progress through cycles that are quantifiable and obivious
the purpose is to explore possibilities and locate your own conceivable outcomes of destiny
Investigitating numbers and their impact on your life.

Philosophy of Numerology

That we are all energies, and the universe is based on the reality that we are all related, numerology is no exception. This relationship of energy defines our lives and the relationship of numbers influence our lives.

What Numerology can do for you
Just as Vastu shows a map of the natural flow of energy in your house, and how to place things- your personal numbers create this template showing you the course or flow of your energy. It helps you understand to live in accordance or what changes you need to make.

How can Numbers help me in my daily life.

Each of us come with a special set of numbers, that are a cosmic code of our lifetime, on this earth. Your own vibrational pattern is composed in this unique set of numbers.
Helps you to understand yourself better, strengthens your strength and your weakness too.
Makes you aware of the events and circumstances in your life and how you can deal with it.
All of us are always worried of our future, confused most of the time , are we making the right move or decision.
This science helps us , by understanding our own path how we can make the most of it, it does not predict like astrology, but helps in guiding and counselling us,the path we need to choose in order to be in sync with the universes path drawn for us.

Following is – what you can understand and determine.