Pancha Yajgya(Five Sacrifices)

Do we realise in our day to day mundane life we do commit sins knowingly.The question is how?
Can  we even think of living without a pestle and mortar, a broom, a grinding stone, a hearth or a water vessel?
What wrong are we doing using these articles and many more.The shastras say we perform sins using the above and to negate them our vedas prescribe 5 must do sacrifices.
The answer lies in microorganisms which are omnipresent.  Again and again we are reminded about the greatness of our saints who knew the existence of these microbes and the importance of not killing them and thus creating a sin. The scientists discovered these only a few centuries ago only after they invented a microscope. 
Our great Rishis knew that it is unavoidable sins and so they gave us remedies to negate them.
Jainism advocates Ahinsa parmo dharma
Dharm Hinsa Tathaiv Cha

The Jains abide by a rigorous set of rules of conduct, where they must eat, sleep and even walk with full diligence and with an awareness that even walking kills several hundreds of minute beings. Jain ascetics sweep the ground before them to avoid injuring the most minuscule forms of life. They generally brush the ground clear of insects before they tread. Most of them walk bare feet.

The Jain will not use an open light nor leave a container of liquid uncovered lest a stray insect be destroyed; even with this precaution, liquids are always strained before use.

One sect of Jains do not wear any clothes and eat food only when it is not prepared for themselves.
The other sect tradition is to wear a small mask to avoid taking in tiny insects. They all drink boiled water fast a lot etc.
Now coming to five sacrifices that are a must for every individual  THE PANCH YAJNYA.1) Bhraman Ahuta: Teaching and studying is an offering to Brahman. (My first teacher of astrology always used to say there is no greater daan than teaching,)2) Tarpana: responsibility for the parents, ancestors and self genetic system(pitrus).3) Huta: the burnt obulations, the sacrifice offered to God.4) Prahuta: The bali offering to the bhutas.5) Nrru Huta: the offering to men, the hospitality given to guests.
It’s sad to see over the period of time all these rituals are mostly now performed as community festivals and not on personal level, thus the very essence getting lost which developed our conscious towards ecosystem, society. 

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  1. Very well explained, the importance of Panch Yajgya in life of an individual, and it’s connection with ecosystem, practicing Panch yagya is need of hour, as we are aware of the consequences of global warming.

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