Lagna lord in different Houses.

Author: Dinesh Yadav.

Lagna lord in first house simple mean native’s life will go with word me and myself , if it is in second house key word me and my family , if it is in third house key word me and my siblings and my strong skills , if in fourth house key word will be me and my home , if in fifth house key word will be me and my entertainment or intelligence , if in sixth me and my enemies , if in seventh house me and my spouse , if in eighth me and my secrets , if in ninth me and my dharma society , if in tenth me and my karma , if in eleventh me and my friends and gains , if in twelfth me and my own strange world .which simple mean wherever lagna lord placed in your chart you always have qualities of that house even whatever planet is lagna lord .lagna lord is strong enough or not depends on rashi ,planets making connection with lagnadhipati and star lord of lagna lord will give you clue for the same .

Dinesh Yadav

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