People love to have beautiful homes but do they also keep them CLUTTER FREE and clean and sparkling?

Wherever there is clutter and chaos in the zone in the home a negative streaming of energy starts thus the energy streaming becomes anticlockwise and thus creating VOIDS. Clutter creates energy blockages and obstructs free energy from moving forward.

Bedroom is a place of rest and recreation. Imagine resting in a nice clean bedroom with a beautiful bed, its cover and bed sheet versus things like garments, books, shoes etc. piled up on the bed. A proper clean ventilated room will bring in positive streaming thus creating a positive clockwise streaming and converting VOIDS into SPACE.
KITCHEN: The HEALTH zone of our homes and also brings in prosperity. Make sure that things are neatly  placed in slots created for them, are clean especially the STOVE.
Washrooms: When I visit homes we see the living room and other rooms in ORDER but alas the washrooms are in a mess. The main energy blockages are created in washrooms and the drains. Do take care to have clear drainages, drain pipes, sewage pipes, rainwater harvesting pipes. Also there should be no stagnant water. Care should be taken to have correct slopes in correct directions for water to flow away.
In short be Systematic and keep everything in Order.

Lets create Spaces thus deleting Voids

Lets create Music eliminating the Noise.

Lets create Harmony eliminating Chaos and disharmony.
Vastu is a scientific process to do all this.

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  1. Lovely explanation why the house should be clutter free.
    To tell you All I have really experienced the same. Really it brings Positivity by managing the same

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