Clocks and their placement in Vastu.

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Clocks are an important fixture in our homes. None can negate its necessity in our everyday life. Different clocks are seen in various homes, beautiful, artistic, antique, or simple plain functional ones but most of us don’t pay attention while placing them. Placement of clocks is most important and should not be ignored at all.

  1. Following are some Do’s:-
  2. Place clocks on East or North walls.
  3. A pendulum clock on the Eastern wall is considered good.
  4. Clean the clocks.
  5. Repair non working clocks or dispose them off.
  6. Keep clocks inside the home.
  7. Clocks in the bedroom should again be on the East or North wall and should be easily viewed once you wake up.
  8. Clocks should be at the correct time.
  9. Replace cracked or broken glass of the clock immediately.
  10. Hang clocks at the correct height.

Some Don’ts

  1. Clocks should not be oversized.
  2. The glass of the clock in the bedroom should not reflect the bed.
  3. The glass of the clock should not be cracked or broken.
  4. Clock should never be behind the correct time.
  5. Stopped watches and clocks bring in lots of negative energy so should not be hoarded.
  6. No wall clocks should face the bedroom door.
  7. No clocks on the South wall.
  8. A clock should not be hanged above the door or in the doorway.
  9. Clocks should not depict war scenes or hold negative memories.
  10. Preferably no clocks in the Kitchen and dining areas should be kept.

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