Good results from a particular house and its remedies.

Author: Dinesh Yadav

If you want to get good results from particular house you need to repair or service for that house from 6th house because 6th house from any house shows past pending karmas of that particular house.

1 ) If you want to get good results from 1st house you need to repair or service from 6th house stay away from addictions, you need to ignore enemies or need to patch with them, you need to stay away from taking loans only then you will be able to have strong healthy lagna.

2) If you want good results from 2nd house you need to take care of your spouse ,ignore fights with spouse . You need to have good relationships with partners or you need to take more care for your business which leads to have happy family life, sufficient bank balance etc. We can understand that theory in different way only change in habits can change your fate . We have habits and we all know either they are bad or good . Good one leads to have good results and bad ones bad only . You need to change your all bad habits like addictions , habit of taking loans ,making enemies etc. all these things will give strength to 1st house . Similarly a man who always have fights with spouse , fights with partners, issues with people whom they deals in business results unhappy family , issues with bank balance . To give strength to 2nd house a person needs to change all these habits ,he must try to ignore fights with every one .In the same way for each n every house change in some habits may give good results n some positive change in fate too . On the contrary , it is very difficult to change habits and attitudes as they depends on our individual charts and running mahadasha but one should try this remedy to make ones life happy and successful.

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